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Monday, June 19, 2006


1. FRIDAY. I was lamenting about my inability to draw that dog's head in a left-facing attitude. Fellow-blogger, "bardhol" suggested that I select a character figurine and look at it to analyze how it is drawn. Then I should hide it and try drawing it from different angles, after which I could pull the toy out of hiding and compare it to the drawings.

Here's an apocryphal exchange between me and Mrs. Egg.

The scene: 10:00pm, Friday night. Our 2-1/2 year old daughter is finally in bed and the adults now have the house to themselves.

WIFE: (Warily) Well, what do you want to do now?

ME: I want to play 'hide the toy.'

WIFE: (Brightening) Oooh, now you're talking, big boy! I was afraid you were going to stay up half the night drawing your stupid cartoons... again!

ME: Um, well, actually...

2. SATURDAY. I next turned my attention to drawing a few dog heads that I hadn't previously done. Yes, It's the official "kiss-off" to this, the third (though labeled as "2") page of the Preston Blair book. An ominous portent of things to come has been included.

3. SUNDAY. Yes, even on "Father's Day" there's no rest for my spastic cartooning pencil. I've decided to move onto the four-legged character page. I'm completely at a loss, here, as you can see. How to do this? Draw all the circles and ovals and then fill in the connectors and details? Draw pear-shapes and retrofit said circles? I will be doing extensive off-line drawing experiments as I get a feel for this new discipline. Oh, yeah, note to self: Buy flowers for the Missus. Yeah, that oughta smooth over everything...


At Fri Jun 23, 02:22:00 AM 2006, Blogger bardhol said...

Jamany Krasmas! That is some funny stuff. Not your drawings -- I mean, the ones that are supposed to be funny ARE funny-- but, I mean the Hide the Toy bit. It looks to have worked out for you. I am sorry it seems to have interfered with interfered with your marital bliss--- in fact, waitaminute. Where the hell are your priorities man??!! Just kidding. You have obeyed bardhol's dictates and you will be rewarded. Oh how I kid. Really, how did it work out for you? The.. drawing. Of the hidden toy. Ernie. Do your drawings "jibe" with the reality? I tried the experiment myself, actually and failed horribly. I'll just have to hide a simpler looking toy next time.

At Fri Jun 23, 05:29:00 AM 2006, Blogger Craig D said...

Well, the Ernie experiment worked out mostly good. There was the one view I inidcated where I really blew it, though. The toy my wife had in mind was much easier to draw, though, especially since we've already covered rabbits earier in the program. Now if I could just get the darn thing to hold still while I sketch it. (Oh, where did I go so wrong?)


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