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Monday, June 12, 2006

Dog's Head Revisited

What did I do this weekend? Why, thanks for asking! I drew more dog heads!

The first three I drew on Friday were done using guidelines and carefully measured base components. I noticed that I didn't quite peg the grin on the third head; it wasn't broad enough. I free-handed a fourth head "just to see what would happen." Big mistake, as it was at that point my nemesis, The Devilled Egg, reappeared!

As I mentioned earlier, I'm working from my own copy of the Blair book, which has the "revised" generic characters in place of many of the MGM model sheets. I noticed that the dog head in the earlier version displayed a noggin that looks liked it is based on a slinky. Both John K and Preston B stated that the head ovals aren't supposed to distort, but these examples seem to bend all over the place. No value judgment - just an observation.

Saturday and Sunday saw me trying to draw various other heads sans guidelines. Some were better than others. I may just go back to using the rolling ruler for a couple more sessions until I get some more drawing chops. They're kinda like training wheels in that I can't wait for them to come off. And I expect to fall down and go crying like a little baby to my Mommy.


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