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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Wanted: One Bassett Hound

I got all fancy-schmancy and bought a set of "drawing pencils" and a pink pearl eraser Saturday. The idea was that I would use the hardest lead for the layouts and a softer lead to finish up. I also switched over to plain copy paper, as my nice parchment-y stationery supply finally petered out.

Then I decided to try to tackle the generic non-Droopy bassett hound. WOW! I just couldn't get it! I wasn't able to figure out how the basic construction shown results in the finished character. As noted, a big stumbling block was figuring out how the mouth/jaw is supposed to be constructed.


I went to the animationarchive site and snagged the actual DROOPY model. See what I mean about "where does the mouth go?" I'll try to work on the real Droopy next and then maybe I'll go back to pseudo-Droopy later on. (That first version of the book is da bomb!)


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