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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Some More Lesson 4

What can I say?

I tried drawing another one of the "screwball" characters last night and didn't exactly nail it, but I didn't totally blow it, either. The snout was too big and the bottom part sticking out of the jacket (belly/legs) weren't quite right, either.

Well, I have a couple more family-free nights in which to sketch, so let's see what I'll have come Monday morning. A "Good Weekend" to ye all, says I.

UPDATE: As I had mentioned the wife and child have been out of town visiting relatives. Relatives in Buffalo, NY. So here's the scorecard:

The daughter has a cold.

The Mother has a cold.

The "check engine" light came on in the van and it is at a repair shop.

Buffalo has had a freak snow storm (yes, in early October) wherein 2 feet of snow has fallen. Power lines are down (150,000 without electricity). Tree limbs have been snapping like toothpicks. There is a driving ban.

It is unlikely anyone has put a priority on getting to the repair shop (driving ban, don't you know.)

They lost power at noon on Friday (the 13th, or course!)

There's been a failure at the water treatment plant, so now they have to boil their water before they use it

Sound like the family might be extending their stay for a day or two.



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