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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Oh, Do You Think That's Important?


At Wed Oct 04, 02:30:00 PM 2006, Blogger Mcnuggetinator said...

Hmmm, if your gonna revisit lessons do lesson 4 again, you can learn al ot from it. Ive also got some tips that might help ya.

1.When you drawing cartoons you have to use your whole arm. You draw the LOA with you shoulder moving like a pivot point. When you add the masses your elbow becomes the pivot and when you add the details your hand is the pivot point and you move the fingers

2. To judge spaces take your pencil and trace in the air right above the drawing, you should then get and idea of spacing. You can do this with angles and the LOA.

3. Count the characters height in heads. You do this enough and then youll get a feel of how tall the characters you draw will be.

Hope I helped!

At Wed Oct 04, 03:50:00 PM 2006, Blogger Craig D said...

Gabe: Thanks for weighing in!

1. Shoulder, then elbow, then hand. I'll give it a try! I tend to be very wrist-y when drawing. I just can't seem to copy these shapes, maybe this'll help.

2. Air pencil, eh? The mistakes should be easy to erase!

3. Using the "head" unit has always been difficult for me. Might just help with that problematic too-short neck.

I've printed out your tips and I'll give 'em a try this weekend, when I'll have some "Quality Drawing Time." I'll post my results and we can all have a good laugh.

As you can see, I've been agonizing over this stuff and I've finally concluded that all the fancy-pants theories and observations won't help me if I haven't mastered these basics.


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