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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Goose Eggs and John K Speaks

OK, I used the silhouette & sausage drawings from yesterday's session as a guide and produced the drawing on the left. I like it enough to start obsessing on how the clothes are hanging and other such minooshaw. I have quite a ways to go, yet...

One of my daughter's daily activities is to "draw with pencil and paper!" So, while she's sitting on the kitchen table, we'll get out said pencils and paper and have a doodle session. Here's the stuff I drew for her last night:

Nothing to write home about, but, gosh, isn't it fun to draw sometimes?

EDIT: Hey, gang! I just stumbled onto John K's blog this morning and this quote leaped out at me:

"I think its great that there are so many blogs now that feature all kinds of previously obscure animators and I encourage every young cartoonist to go and not only look at the stuff you like, but copy it, analyze it and put it into practice! Be merciless in your self criticism. When you first start to copy this stuff it should be obvious how inferior your copies are. If you don't see that, give up instantly. But if you see that you have a long way to go, then keep going! The more you copy and criticize, the faster you will learn and improve."

I guess I should feel good about feeling bad about my scribbles! HUZZAH!

See you on Monday!


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