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Monday, October 02, 2006

Picasso - Pico = ???

I saw a quote from Robin Williams in this weekend's paper that I wish I had cut out. It went something like, "If you find yourself violating your standards faster than you can lower them, then you have a problem!" Ouch - ain't that the truth!

I hacked out what I thought was a passable version of that goose (duck?) last week and was going to move on. Then John K had to open his yap about influences and (shudder) skill an' all. I was somewhat dissatisfied with my posing and full-figure drawing before this. Now I am in an absolute cartoonist's nightmare panic! I've been trying to work on the L.O.A. and solid-shape aspects of Mr. Gander (Mallard?) and I've only managed to make matters worse! Damn you, reality! Damn you to Heck!

I felt slightly (but only slightly) better after I had drawn the goose (duck?) in the upper left-hand corner. Then I went and blew it with the next try.

To make matters worse, my drawing time is going to be under severe restriction during the first half of this week. The good news is, from Friday on and all through next week I'll have more time and a significantly quieter study environment. (Yes, the wife & kid are going out of town for a week. "Woot!" as you young folks say.)

On influences: A lot of the blow-back from John's comments had to do with folks who think they have a "style" because they slavishly (and unsuccessfully) try to ape a certain other "style." I'm not conscious of doing that, other than trying to copy the Preston Blair examples and be as bland as possible. If anyone notices that I'm blatantly copping any given school (Anime? UPA? Disney? Bluth? Certainly Not!) please pipe up. And, as always, I'm open to suggestions and tips.


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