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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Other Character Poses

Another part of this Lesson, IIRC, is to practice drawing other characters and silhouettes of same. I grabbed my copy of the Joe Adamson "Bugs Bunny - Fifty Years And Only One Grey Hare" and went searching for model sheets.

Phew - there are a few tiny copies of classic model sheet in there amongst the palsied, death-rattle Jones & Freleng full-page drawings. So I selected a nice pose of Herr Bugsinheimer Bunny and had at it. I also came across an animation drawing of an early Daffy pose and did that one, too.

I will try to do a silhouette of the Bunny pose as it has a lot of great negative spaces and what-not. Maybe I can swing it so he doesn't look like he has rickets!

Keep doodlin' my fellow bloggers - See ya Monday!


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