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Monday, October 23, 2006

Battlin' Tool-Bunny!

I had been dreading the moment I could no longer put off drawing that pugilist Rabbit. Well, the inevitable has happened, so here it is:

Well, as a first attempt, I did better than I thought I would. I started the drawing too close to the top of the page, so the ears really suffered. I was pleased that I managed to place the hands and one foot in their proper places.

I kinda blew it on the face. And I radically mis-placed the one foot. (Hah- so much for rabbits' feet being lucky!)

At right is another shot at it. I didn't realize how badly I miscued the L.O.A. until I was well into it. It looks like Tool-Bunny is going to fall backwards. I'm worried about the tangents his arms seem to fall into.

Well, I'll keep at it. Maybe I can make a decent finished drawing of this sometime before Thanksgiving...

(HERE is why I call this the "Tool-Bunny!")


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