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Monday, October 16, 2006

Hey Look - More Lesson 4

Well, look who's back! Hey, everyone it's Goosey-boy, boy, boy, boy, boy!

Yeah, big deal. I'm just working away at copying some more Blair characters and such. No big revelations here or anything.

With any luck the wife & kid should be back sometime today. I'll bet it's a long time before they take off on a road trip again.

Hope you all had a good weekend.


EDIT: Further update on the intrepid travelers! My wife, daughter and "Aunt Dee Dee" managed to spring the van from the service station in Buffalo on Saturday and made it to their mid-way point destination, The Quality Inn in Beckley, WV on Sunday.

Monday morning, the van refused to budge! A call to AAA brought the tow truck, which hauled the patient to the only full-service shop in town.

Oh, did I mention that everything had to be unpacked from the van and brought to the hotel room?

Did I mention that the room was infested with ants and that all that crap had to be hauled to a different (one hopes vermin-free) room?

Early indications are that all the transmission fluid has leaked out and the question remains how much will it cost to fix and when can it be fixed? Our stranded expedition party isn't exactly dealing from a position of strength here, to say the least.

The provisional plan is for them to stay put, as the cost of renting a vehicle to get home is more than an extra night at the hotel. (And then there would be the logistics nightmare of retrieving the van!)

At least the Donner party can take hot showers and watch cable TV, which is something the residents of Buffalo, NY cannot currently do. (Oh, and there's a laundromat in the hotel, so the pile of dirty clothes can be attended to in the mean time.)

Oooh-la-la, as the French have been known to say..!


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