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Thursday, August 03, 2006

More Fun With Skeletons

I did another cat pose last night. On my initial pass I had the cat's right foot placed too low, but I erased it and redid it. Then I did one where I roughly fleshed it out. Again, I wasn't going for a perfect, finished drawing. I think I'll have to work at a larger scale for that.

In the lower left-hand corner I sketched the skeleton for a mystery drawing. This is one of those drawings that I mentioned in my last post. It's not part of any "lesson" it's just crammed in the color center section of the book.

What could it be? Come back Monday and find out. You might be surprised...

What's with the cute li'l dead bird, I wonder..?


At Thu Aug 03, 02:18:00 PM 2006, Blogger bardhol said...

Horse? Elephant! It's an elephant maybe.
I envy your solid construction - my features slip all over the face like it's nobody's business. I especially like the eyes on the starboard cat very much, for reasons I can't explain.
Keep on truckin!
ps- a bird. Young. Innocent. Free. Struck down in the prime of its existence. Why?

At Thu Aug 03, 11:38:00 PM 2006, Blogger Louisa The Last said...

Looking good. Your movement is starting to look natural. I'm also going to guess elephant for the mystery skeleton...

My sympathy on the flat tire, by the way. Today I had to deal with a total blowout, tire peeling in the fast lane of the freeway...then I left the emergency flashers on and by the time we came back in the other car, the battery was dead.

So then we came back again (a 30 minute drive) and THEN realized our jumper cable kit seemed to be missing. Another hour later, back with a cousin and a kit, and we discover that the spare tire is also flat.

Eventually we got it fixed again. But now I'm tired and sunburnt and poor.


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