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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dog Gone! It's Vacation Time!

Here we go! My last pass at drawing that dog before I leave for a week of vacation! Meh. In honor of what would've been my Mom's 76th birthday, I drew some Popeye heads. (Given the results, I'm not sure it's such a great honor.)

I've included how I remember she used to draw Popeye for me as a very young youngster. Her formula was to draw two number threes (3) facing each other. Add a nose, pipe and hat. Voila, it's Popeye The Sailorman! Now, she never really drew anything else. I'm pretty certain she simply sat down with one of my Popeye coloring books while I took a nap and figured out how to copy one of the pictures, just to delight (and silence) her precious li'l Craig and his reapated demands to "Draw Popeye! Draw Popeye!! Draw Popeye!!!"

That's it for now, fellow scribblers. Gotta work on the tan base, don't you know? See ya soon!


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