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Monday, May 15, 2006

The Blair Sketch Project

Here goes nuthin'!

Ok, I bought that Preston Blair instruction book 25+ years ago (they were TWO DOLLARS back then!) In my copious spare time I am stumbling through the lessons, thanks to the inspirational post shown, above. I will be publishing the results here. It isn't going to be pretty! But on the other hand, there'll be plenty of room for improvement! Right now, I can't even draw a decent oval...

This is part of lesson one. The idea is to take a simple face, learn to draw it and then rotate the head into different positions. I really have to work on the proportions (being on-model) along with my egg-drawing skills.
This is more of lesson one. The egg is pointing in a different direction. I still have the same issues as noted above. I hope to go back over both of these exercises tonight. I'll post the follow-up results.

(I just realised I skipped the exercise on the very TOP of the page, which is constructing a shperical head for a bear character. I made one little pass at it in the upper left-hand corner of the egg exercise. Back to the ol' drawing board, to coin a phrase!)


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